公司全称 上海微创软件股份有限公司

公司规模 1000-9999人

所在行业 计算机软件

公司性质 合资

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Shanghai Wicresoft Co., Ltd., (“Wicresoft”), jointly founded by Microsoft Corporation and Shanghai Alliance Investment Limited in 2002, is a trusted provider for “Internet ” transition service. Wicresoft has 13 major operation centers globally, with a delivery network covering Asia (China, Japan and Hong Kong), North America, Europe (Sweden and UK) and many other countries and regions.

Wicresoft is committed to providing end-to-end and one-stop “Internet ” transition services, by leveraging its advantage of offering well-rounded solutions from industry research, plan design, technology platform, comprehensive implementation to operation services and covering various enterprise’s functions ranging from operation management, communication and collaboration, supply chain procurement, sales & marketing and more.

Leading in cloud computing, CRM, ERP, procurement management, call center service, etc. Wicresoft has been wildly recognized by a number of global Top 500 enterprises and well-known domestic companies. So far, Wicresoft, has owned 55 Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificates and 27 Software Product Registration Certificates. Furthermore, it has established complete quality management systems and pioneered in obtaining international certifications, such as COPC-2000, ISO9001:2008, CMM3, CMMI4 and ISO27001.

At present, Wicresoft has nearly 4,000 experienced industry and technical experts specialized in high-tech, manufacturing, finance, telecommunication, retail, etc., and intensively aware of various business types and relevant operations. They are dedicated to seeking improved performance along with our global clients to deal with new challenges and reforms in the “Internet ” Era.