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Brain Intelligence is a world class neuroscience company with a strong specialty is gaming.

We are based in Beijing, China.

Games are emotionally driven experiences. Immersion theory states that game elements

such as narrative determine whether or not players commit mentally and emotionally to the

game world. Conversely, flow theory focuses on game mechanics and how their usage brings

players to a feeling of heightened focus. Both theories are valuable, as well as


However, until now, there existed a glaring disconnect between the game elements

(narrative and mechanics) and the player’s emotional response. There was simply no reliable

way to quantify player emotions continuously throughout gameplay, and hence no reliable

way to link cause and effect. Previous testing frameworks (e.g. questionnaires, heuristic

testing, focus groups) provided only a selective and inexact picture of the player experience.

Rationalisations and memory / time discrepancies were common culprits that dogged

research in the area. In other words, we knew that game elements mattered. We also knew

that emotions mattered. Unfortunately, linking the two with any degree of precision or

continuous data was not possible. Until now.

Brain Intelligence utilises neuroscientific ways of measuring player emotions continuously

throughout gameplay. Such methods provides scientific, complete, and accurate player

feedback mechanism to game developers. In using such methods, both gamers and the

games industry as a whole can benefit from a newly found understanding of subconscious

feedback. Brain Intelligence is all about the science of gaming.


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