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公司全称 Ajobthing Sdn Bhd

公司规模 100-499人

所在行业 专业服务/咨询(财会/法律/人力资源等)

公司性质 外商独资

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A Job Thing is a recruitment platform tools for hiring better staff. AJobThing helping facilitate the recruitment process of talented candidates for the organization. We attract the best candidates allowing us the opportunity to source and select the best talents to match company requirements.In March 2018, A Job Thing became the best Job Portal and Win Asia Recruitment Awards 2018 held by HR Asia Recruitment. We are committed to continuously improving the value we provide as best HR tools to help hiring talented candidates. To deliver on this, we continue to evolve our platform and service offerings to be the best recruiting tools.

A Job Thing designed for an integrated approach that focuses our more innovative technology and expertise into powerful, easy to use solutions. Why? To help employer hire not only the best quality job seekers, but more of them.To make recruiting talent for a job vacancy more efficient and accurate so you will have the most suitable talent. All of these will save you time and money. This will help you make smarter decisions to improve your return on investment. Basically, we want to give you the ability to hire & recruit like no one else can. We will give the best recruitment consultant for you!


马来西亚-吉隆坡-吉隆坡 Agensi Pekerjaan Ajobthing Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Brightan System Sdn. Bhd.) Level 11-1, Tower 8