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Lockin Monthly Vol.06/2016

作者: Antoni Shor 2016-08-30 00:00:00.0





Why are Chinese Returnees so special? 

Recently Lockin China was invited by CCTV (China Central Television) to a talk show named Crossover. CEO of Lockin China Crystal Kong, HR Director of Audi China Michael Gross and Talent Branding Director of Didi Vicky Cai joined in the show and shared their views on China Job Market. As the host asked the question why Chinese Returnees so special are, the both employers expressed their opinion from their own stand point. Crystal mentioned some problems the majority of Chinese overseas talents are running into.


Michael Gross (German), HR Director, Audi China: For me, the most important thing is that overseas returnees can bridge both worlds: The most of our employees have experience in foreign companies either in China or in Germany or in other countries. They know the international world. And they have a lot of understanding not only about how we foreigners are acting, but also about Chinese. […] People overseas have learnt to be more productive and they learnt to take responsibility and they have to care about themselves. It’s much more important and curious for us. And the thing we are expecting from the employees: not waiting until the boss comes and says do this and do that, just be productive. (Hostess: Soft skill, the leadership.) [Edited by Antoni]


Vicky Cai (Chinese), Talent Branding Director, Didi China: The advantage of the returnees is that they are more innovative, very aggressive and have the sense of leadership. However they usually suffer from cultural shock after returning and are not very down to us. (Host: They are elegant comparing to local graduates.) Now we do not have very much returnees. From this year (2015) we cooperate with Lockin China for the first time and we go abroad to find some overseas talents. We are looking for smart, innovative, analytical guys, and those major in computer science, data mining. […] [Edited by Antoni]


Crystal Kong (Chinese Canadian), CEO, LockinChina.com: A lot of fresh graduates from overseas do have very impressive educational background, but they have no idea, at what time they should apply for a job. Usually they wait till graduation or returning to China and miss the opportunity. Actually the employers won’t wait for them. (Michael & Vicky: Agree.) They will hire everybody like a year earlier before they graduate. For example, all the positions of the year 2016 will be filled by the end of 2015. [Edited by Antoni] 

For the video of this part, please click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPgjrNL7LfI



What kind of employers are more willing to hire returnees? 

Overseas graduates usually want to make good use of their experiences in abroad and are not willing to break up the global contact with other cultures especially with their “second hometown”. Companies developing overseas cooperation prefer graduates with international view, especially overseas returnees. With the high-speed development of economy in China, not only global large scale enterprises including state-owned companies, foreign capital enterprises and joint ventures, but also SMEs focusing on overseas think highly of overseas returnees, so that they could keep pace with the process of globalization and internationalization. The following eight sorts of enterprises are paying great attention to attracting and hiring graduates with overseas educational background. 








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So far we have already finished our first stop in Australia and New Zealand , finished 9 workshops in 8 cities and covered at least 25 universities and 50 thousands overseas Chinese students. For the review of the events, please click http://www.lockinchina.com/cnews/NewsEvent/44.  

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