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Lockin Monthly Vol.07/2016

作者: Antoni Shor 2016-10-08 00:00:00.0





  How does filter work while selecting candidates?

Faced with the reality that the number of Chinese local and overseas graduates is rapidly increasing, HRs are not able to view every application in detail. In this situation, filter by key word in Excel are widely used in the first round selection. HRs will select some key words in job description and score candidates by counting matched values.


Knowing the key words helps candidates write a good resume. The more key words they mention in their resume, the higher score they may get. In addition, under each category they should mention some further details. For example, under education it should be written, whether their university is a 985/211 university and QS ranking of their university and under English level not only “fluent” but also scores of CET-4/-6, TOEFL, IELTS etc.



Reintegration after Return

In the area of intercultural communication study, researchers are focusing on the “culture shock”, which happens not only after students go abroad but also after their return. Oberg developed a w-curve to illustrate the situation:


Similar with time in foreign countries, the reality at home usually does not match the expectation of reternees. As a result, the score of satisfaction decrease fast after landing in mother land. During this time, returnees are not willing to or have problems to reintegrate. This period will last around 3 months. And during this time, returnees are usually busy seeking for a job. According to Oberg, culture shock cannot be avoided, but we can make some preparation to minimize its negative effect.

We could introduce the real China job market, which helps overseas graduates build a right image of the life they will live in future, and help them find a job in a short time, even before graduation. For example, it is strongly recommended that students should take an active part in workshops and career fairs held by career center. Additionally, students could attend company open days or do internship to get to know the culture of employers. In this way, returnees will reintegrate to the lifestyle at home quickly and not suffer from psychological problems caused by culture shock. Lockin China works with global universities and employers and brings different kinds of career events including those mentioned above to students and graduates both in China and in foreign countries.

Ressource: Kopper, E. (1997:34) Was ist Kulturschock und wie gehe ich damit an?







Pre-Work Training Program


Pre-Work Training Program is a part of the 80 Days Event for Talents from Overseas. It is brought to Chinese speaking students and graduates by global universities and the overseas recruiting expert Lockin China. This event lasts from August to the end of November. During the workshops speakers from universities, Lockin China and Chinese companies share their experience in recruiting and give students advices as well as tips while job seeking:

There are so many companies in China looking for someone who'd like to go back to China and received Austrailian certificates and understand both cultures. And also, we have so many favorable policies from central government in China who'd like to support start-ups. So if you're thinking about going back to China and want to have some favorable policies to help your company, like taxes deductions, or renting an office for free, China is a really ideal place. And there are also many state-own companies. They are expanding their operation overseas, they are looking some young talents for their companies, you will be their ideal choice.

——Tony Zheng, The University of Adelaide

HR can find your flaws easily in interviews, if you cheat in the resume. […] Do write your own contact info in your CV no matter that in China or in abroad. HRs are prepared to dial a number in foreign countries as long as they find him or her suitable for the position.

——William Xie, Lockin China


Please click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFeLJLGdM8Y or the screenshot above for the Review and Preview Video of the workshops completed in August and running right now.