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Lockin Monthly Vol.09/2016

作者: Antoni Shor 2016-12-13 00:00:00.0



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The campus recruiting season in China is coming to an end. Employers are busy sending offers to candidates and waiting for their confirmation. As the Chinese New Year, the biggest festival, is approaching, the most of Chinese employers will focus on inventory instead of recruitment. After the national holiday, namely by the end of February, the China Job Market will start its second recruiting season.


During the second recruiting season, job seekers could apply for


1. Positions for fresh graduates, which are given up by candidates in the last recruiting season;

2. Positions for experienced talents, who have got the annual bonus and looking for better opportunities;

3. Internship positions. Internship positions in China are mostly paid and last 3-6 months or even more. In these years, Chinese employers are building cooperation with universities to develop some internship programs. These programs offers more opportunities to students to practice what they studied at universities and at the meanwhile help employers select the best candidates.


Lockin China’s 80 Day-Event for Talents from Overseas landed in 36 cities. Career officers involved started to prepare for the workshops a couple of months ago. They wrote over 200,000 emails to inform students about the big event and even worked on weekends to look for more job opportunities for their students. All of the career officers were on standby to help set up the workshops, the most of which were held in the evening, some even on weekends.  Some Students said these teachers concerned much more about their employment issue than their parents.


Much appreciated for all your effort over the past months!


13,000+ Chinese students studying abroad had participated the event. Till 8th November, the companies have received 100,000+ applications, 20% of the candidates got into second round interviews. It’s amazing outcome!

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. We did something together that other people never done before. We get ready for new start, see you next year!



Components of a Chinese CV


It is really surprising how active overseas students are, while job seeking. During the 80 Days Event for Talents from Overseas, Lockin China got a lot of feedbacks from students at hosting universities and scanned thousands of CVs from overseas students. In previous volumes, we introduced some facts about a Chinese CV, such as key points and forms. This time, we are sharing with you which components a Chinese CV has and has not, so that job seekers could avoid the tragedy caused by missing points or verbosity.


1. Chinese CVs are not a part of job applications, somehow, they are seen as identical things. So Chinese do not need a cover page, a motivation letter or even a transcript. It doesn’t mean that HRs do not care why job seekers are applying for their job or their behaviors at universities. In China, HRs are making their first phone call to applicants to check their motivation instead.


2. A Chinese CV should have a photo. In some area, job seekers are usually not required to upload their photos to their CV. But in China, HR’s are more willingly to know, whose CV they are scanning, by seeing the photo. This photo should be professional, either Chinese or foreign professional style. But please note: never use your selfie as your profile.


3. Fresh graduates might not have much working experience, HRs will firstly check their educational background to see whether he or she is a good student, because in their opinion, good students have better learning ability and could consequently learn to work better. In this situation, not only the ranking of universities plays an important role, but also the branding of the universities. Sometimes, HRs see a university as an elite university, just because they ever heard about the university, or they built relationship with the university.


4. Global components: almost in every country, job seekers should mention their basic info such as name, correspondence as well as language skills, computer skills and working/internship experience. While writing a Chinese CV, job seekers are recommended to use jargon.

5. A special collumn regarding the job description. As mentioned in Point 1, Chinese applications does not request a motivation letter. But job seekers can write some special words just to the position they are applying for. E.g., students applying for a position at Decathlon had better mention their intersts in sports and those for A&F their sense of fasion.




China Mobile is the leading telecommunications services provider in Mainland China, the Group boasts the world's largest mobile network and the world's largest mobile customer base. In 2015, the Company was once again selected as one of the "FT Global 500" by Financial Times and "The World's 2,000 Biggest Public Companies" by Forbes magazine, and recognized again on the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index. Currently, the Company's corporate credit ratings are equivalent to China's sovereign credit ratings, namely, AA-/Outlook Negative from Standard & Poor's and Aa3/Outlook Negative from Moody's.


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Geely Auto, G20 Summit Hangzhou& China's Ministry of foreign affairs Concierge & Foreign diplomats in China& China National Swimming Team Appointed Car, is taking us to a new automotive industry era with tens of year’s consistent efforts.

We are building an international team:

With the previous senior roles from Volvo, BWM, Ford and etc. joining in our team and international experts from 14 countries, we are building a team with global competiveness;

We are re-organizing our team with a deeper involvement into the industry:

Powertrain System currently covers three main functions ranging from R&D, Industrialization and Manufacture and leads you to a deeper involvement into the industry;

We are bringing you a non-up-ceiling career development:

The only factor that determines your future career development is your perseverance and contributions.


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Aims of 2nd Global University Career Development Conference (GUCDC)


On behalf of Lockin China and GUCCU, we cordialy invite you to participate in the 2nd Global University Career Development Conference (GUCDC), which will be held to:


1. Allow universities understand the situation of China’s economic development and talents demand status of enterprises in China,

2. Provide universities an opportunity to inform Chinese returnees employment status currently,

3. Help Chinese returnees and non-Chinese students better understand the increasingly competitive job market in China, and guide them in realizing their potential and capitalize on the buoyant Chinese economy,

4. Allow Chinese returnees and non-Chinese students to readjust to China’s job hunting environment upon graduation,

5. Provide a platform for employers to target and recruit a niche group of highly qualified professionals from all over the world,

6. Promote communication between universities and employers.