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Lockin Monthly Vol.01/2017

作者: Antoni Shor 2017-01-09 00:00:00.0





Chinese Overseas Elites Career Development Report 2017 (February)


Lockin China has analyzed over 150,000 surveys collected during the 80 Days’ Event for Talents from Overseas 2016. Base on the data, Lockin China will publish its Chinese Overseas Elites Career Development Report 2017 and share with you not only facts about the China Job Market including majors and preference of job seekers as well as employers, but also professional statistics from employer side, and some tips to help graduates with career development in China, etc.


2nd Global University Career Development (CHINA) Conference (March)


The 2nd Global University Career Development (CHINA) Conference (GUCDC) will be held by Lockin China and the Global University China Career Union (GUCCU). It would be an awesome opportunity for career advisers to get in touch with Chinese employers directly through company visit and career fair. Moreover, it would be a great opportunity to share info with career officers from other universities. Lockin China has invited several recruitment experts from different industries to give attendees some presentations about different sessions of the China Job Market.


Now the conference application is still open and we’ve already got over 30 universities from US, UK, Europe and Australia registered in the event. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Chinese Returnees Career Development Fair (March) and Other Career Fairs in cooperation with universities and NGOs (Flexible, All year round)


Chinese Returnees Career Development Fair is the first job seeking event after the Chinese New Year. At that time, employers will post their new vacancies and search for fresh overseas returnees as well as those experienced.


Over 50 employers are going to take part in the event. Meanwhile, the Career Fair will be a part of GUCDC. Career Officers will get a booth and build direct connections with Chinese employers and their alumni. Moreover, Lockin China will work with universities, NGOs as well as government to support their career events covering their special targets.


The Cooperation Program (Internship Program, Company Open Day, Overseas Customized Career Fair All year around)


Through this program, outstanding candidates will be recommended by universities and Lockin China as top students and enter the best Chinese companies. There, students will be involved in a paid internship project for at least 8 weeks, during which they could feel the company’s working environment, improve their professional abilities, enrich their experience and get their internship certification finally.


Moreover, interns would also have a chance to get their first offer and get rid of any anxiety of job seeking before graduation. Last but not least, interns would also receive a comprehensive pre-work training and make preparations for their career life.


Overseas Campus Recruitment events and projects (Flexible, All year round)


Lockin China as a recruiter will as ever introduce employers to overseas universities and get involved in their recruiting process. Take 2016 as an example, Lockin China was authorized by DiDi Chuxing, TCL, BOE to implement their overseas recruitment in US, Hainan Airlines in UK, LeEco and GEELY Auto in Germany, FAW (First Automobile Workshop) in South Korea, Goertek in Japan, Decathlon in Australia, etc. 2017 Lockin China will bring more opportunities to your students.


Additionally, over 50 recruiting projects such as China Mobile campus recruiting, Sohu.com Open Day and Microsoft MBA Program have been done by Lockin China, which offered over 2.000 positions to Chinese returnees. Lockin China took part in the recruiting process and help employers make their decisions.


80-Day Event for Talents from Overseas (Pre-Work Training Program, August/ October/ November)


Pre-Work Training Program is a job-seeking guidance program developed by experienced interviewers, global universities and the overseas recruitment expert Lockin China. Lockin China has put its global journey into reality for twice in 2015 and 2016, more than 600 Chinese companies providing 12000+ job positions, over 300 universities has taken part in the big event and 45 have hosted an on-campus workshop, which covered more than 300,000 overseas Chinese students in total. 2017 Lockin China will continue its journey “UP” over the world and bring more benefits to overseas talents. 


International Conferences


Lockin China got involved in several international conferences regarding career services such as the China Graduate Recruitment Fair in UK, Midwest ACE Annual Conference in US and the NAQCAS conference in Australia, etc. Lockin China will as ever support global universities with all our resources to bring more benefits to your students.


Anniversary Party (July)


A party seems to have hardly connection with job seeking. What if both HRs and job seekers are invited to the party? Through the anniversary party, Lockin China will build a social network for Chinese returnees, helping them reintegrate in China and creating more possibilities.  

Events showing above are the main events that Lockin China will hold in coming months, more career development and employment engagement related activities will be held by Lockin China in 2017, so stay tuned!


Overseas mergers and acquisitions by Chinese companies are currently “the highlight of the global M&A market”. The biggest buyers are state-owned enterprises or companies run by China’s government, such as Haier, Midea and HNA Group. Now more other large scale domestic companies are going out and take an active part in international competition by overseas mergers and acquisitions, such as Ctrip, Tencent and Wanda Group. Following are some of the examples:


To improve the internal organizational communication, buyer companies are in need of Chinese talents with international educational or working background. As a result, they prefer Chinese returnees. Take GEELY as an example, after buying VOLVO, its overseas recruiting landed in Sweden this year. A trainee program is designed to attract more overseas talents to join in the new big international business group.



华晨宝马BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd


Founded in May 2003, BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd. is a joint venture of BMW Group and Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. In July 2014, the BMW Group officially extended its joint venture with Brilliance Automotive Holdings Ltd. until 2028. The cooperation between both Parties is essential to the successful development of BMW Brilliance over the past ten years.


BMW Group Global Leader Development Program


The Global Leader Development Program (GLDP) is the BMW Group’s acclaimed international graduate program. GLDP offers the opportunity to jumpstart the career of talented graduates and young professionals whose working experience are less than 3 years. Through completing four different rotations, candidates work in various parts of the company and complete two international assignments, one is at BMW Headquarters in Munich. During their assignments, participants gain insight into business processes, strategy, culture, and the BMW Group brands from both a local and global perspective. Establishing an excellent international network, as well as working on strategic and operational projects in three different countries, participants can get a solid basis for a successful international career at the BMW Group.