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Lockin Monthly Vol 02/2017

作者: Antoni Shor 2017-02-10 00:00:00.0




One for All or All in One?

Because of the trend that more Chinese overseas talents are returning to China, Chinese employers are aware of the value of recruiting Chinese returnees. Compared with overseas talents, Chinese returnees could take the locational advantages and communicate with employers face-to-face. The most popular face-to-face recruiting forms are campus talk, career fair and open day.

Career Fairs could be seen as an opportunity of “One for All”: Job seekers could have “Cold Talks” with HRs directly on the fair and introduce themselves. HRs will forward some outstanding candidates to related departments and arrange further interviews – the formal first round interview. It is regarded as the most efficient way for recruitment.

However, its result is not always satisfying: employers usually could not meet any “qualified” candidates. And the recruiting process will last long due to internal organisational communication. With help of the matching system, job seekers could check the position lists and employers could view the applications in advance, which changed the “Cold Talks” to the first round interview. As a result, recruiting becomes more efficient.


Open Days are becoming more popular in China. Employers invites job seekers to their headquaters and arrange some events like company visit and company presentation. After that, candidates will be devided in different groups and be interviews by different departments.

Through Open Days, job seekers could not only develop direct conversations with their future colleagues, but also get to know the corporate culture of employers. For employers, they could meet with candidates matching with the most of their vacancies in one time. For both sides, it saves a lot of time. Meanwhile, Open Days could cover more locations besides Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Employers in other first-tier cities in China prefer holding Open Days for recruiting.

Last but not least, Open Days are becoming more efficient. Take the Open Day of Sohu.com for example. They met with around 200 candidates in June and sent over 30 job offers, while the average interview success rate of career fair was about 9%.



Review of 2016 Chinese Returnees Career Development Fair

In April 2016, three career fairs for Chinese returnees were held in Shenzhen, Beijing and Shanghai. 107 companies provided 1285 positions, attracting 13,680 job applications from fresh graduates and job seekers with junior working experiences.

For the offline part, 4115 visits were counted in total, 1017 of whom in Shenzhen, 1632 in Beijing and 1466 in Shanghai. 1538 Candidates got into the second round interview after the job fair. China Merchants Bonded Logistics Shenzhen sent the first job offer and Didi Taxi, Sohu.com, Decathlon, TCL are the employers sending the most offer letters to the candidates.

All of the GUCDC participating universities, such as the University of Adelaide, UNSW, UIUC, the Ohio State University and ESADE Business School etc., got a booth on the career fair Shanghai and built direct connections with employers. They also got good feedback from their job seeking alumni.