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GUCCU Network Vol.4-2017 - Junior Up Program

作者: William XIE 2017-12-27 00:00:00.0




1.    The number of registered GUCCU member University (The Global University China Career Union) have risen to 78 this month.

2.    2018 Global Young Talents Internship in China - Junior Up Program


How to stand out from many candidates when finding a job? An impressive internship experience may help. However, How to find yourself a suitable internship? Come and join the Junior Up Program, hundreds of well-known Chinese employers are waiting for you. It is a new program developed by GUCCU & Lockin China that aims to provide exclusive internship opportunities in China to overseas Chinese students and international students. The program is officialluy opening for register on 29th Jan. However, as a GUCCU member university, you will have the priviliage to register early on 8th Jan 2018, which means your students will be able to secure the best internship opportunities next summer in China!


For qualified candidates, the application process is :

1 Submit your Resume; take the interview; confirm the starting date of your internship.

2 Receive an invitation from your employer.

3 Apply for Chinese Visa

4 Book your accommodation and air tickets

5 Embark on your internship in China


You will soon receive an email with more details of the Junior Up program,

In order to help you graduates find more career opportunities in China, we prepare this survey to know what we can do more to satisfy their needs.





Tips for using the China Portal


For those who have the China Portal live, here are some information and tips for using the service. We hope you find these are helpful for your further promotion of the Portal.  


So far there are 20,000 employers have registered at GUCCU system, posting new vacancies daily. Different sections such as ‘China labour market orientation’, ‘voice from HRs’ and ‘Top Chinese employers’ etc. are updated every two weeks. Therefore, we would be appreciate if you could promote this regularly to your students via different channels at your university.


Since there are new employers signing up at GUCCU everyday, we encourage you to complete or update your university profile as it will improve your exposure to Chinese employers. In the meantime, you are able to check some essential information about your portal such as the page view, number of applications etc. everytime you logged in your account.




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