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GUCCU Network 2019 Vol.3

作者: William XIE 2019-06-27 00:00:00.0

2019 Vol.3


  • 1.GUCCU aims to improve services and strengthen cooperation with global GUCCU members. As the latest benefit for partner universities, GUCCU provides the operation service of Chinese social media for GUCCU members, including accounts created, contents operation and professional recruitment resources and positions recommendation. (More details as below)
  • 2.This summer, Lockin brings an exclusive internship program for overseas talents – LeaderIn Program. It aims to improve their leadership and organization skills, share the necessary knowledge and practical skills for job-seeking, accumulate internship experience, and ultimately increase their competitiveness in the job-seeking process.
  • 3. LeaderIn Program will be held in July in Beijing. Participants will be invited to join in the leadership training program with 3 days and 2 nights for free. Lockin will invite HRs from well-known companies to bring professional leadership training courses, career planning, job-seeking workshops and business cases analysis. Overseas talents will enhance their leadership comprehensively through lectures and practice. (More details as below)
  • 4. 2019 China Jinan•Human Resource Industry Forum held on May 18 and 19. Lockin & GUCCU and Jinan (China) government have signed the strategic cooperation agreement in order to improve deep development in attracting talents.
  • 5.LockinGO System Introduction (More details as below)


In recent years, a matched internship experience becomes the key factor that employers’ value in interviews. Through the internship, students are able to have enough understanding about the industry. For employers, it will be beneficial to select suitable candidates to complete recruitment projects and create their own talents pool. Therefore, the matched internship is essential in finding graduate jobs. Most importantly, this internship has to be real and practical. However, recently, many Chinese training agencies have sold internship positions with training courses for students at high prices, promising an internal recommendation opportunity for the internship. If the application is failed, they still charge students for expensive training courses fees. Normally, they advertise themselves as free training sessions in order to collect students' contact details and CVs to sell internship services to them. China has very clear laws and regulations. Enterprises and individuals are not allowed in any forms to charge candidates for any job or internship applications. Any charges on this ground will be classified as illegal. In China, the majority of large companies will not accept internal recommendations from any agencies. If employers find out that this kind of internship is based on charging selected candidates, they will apply legal action to the agency. We truly appreciate our long-term partnership with global GUCCU members, and we value our students’ trust. Therefore, it’s high time that we should shoulder the responsibility to improve our service and meet students’ expectation and need.

GUCCU-Chinese Social Media Operation Service

*If you have any questions and requires, please feel free to contact us:

T: +86 10 5351 7550

E: contact@guccu.org

LeaderIn Program

Lockin will hold the exclusive internship program for overseas talents – LeaderIn Program. Through selection, suitable candidates will be invited to participate in the LeaderIn Program for 3 days and 2 nights in Beijing FREE of charge. Also, they will have one-year online internship as Lockin campus leader. It would be a competitive experience for seeking jobs after graduation.   Lockin will also invite HRs from well-known companies to deliver professional leadership training courses, career planning, job-seeking workshop and business cases analysis. Overseas talents will enhance their comprehensive abilities and prepare well to apply for better positions through lectures and real-life practice. Qualified participants will receive summer internship opportunities in reputable companies, which will significantly increase their competitiveness among overseas talents.   Places are limited. The deadline of registration before the middle of July. More information and registration, please click the link as below: http://promotions.lockinchina.com/leaderIn We truly welcome overseas talents with big interest to join us.

*If you have any questions and requires, please feel free to contact us:

T: +86 10 5351 7550

E: contact@guccu.org

Lockin Go System

Lockin Go - Your personal Career Development Programme
Making university students faster and more successful in connecting to their careers
• Perfectly matching candidates with over 150,000 job positions on Lockin database.
• Most advanced technology Chinese CV editing tool.
• Stand out from the crowd - Industrial knowledge get you prepared before entering the job market.
• Overcome traditional recruitment method, say goodbye to application flooding.
• Recognition employability achievement certificate awarded by Chinese Government Social HR Department to you and only U.

*If you have any questions and requires, please feel free to contact us:

T: +86 10 5351 7550

E: alice.hu@lockinchina.com

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  • 6.Promote your China portal
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About GUCCU and Lockin China

The Global University China Career Union (GUCCU), is the very first non-profitable union founded by global leading Universities and Chinese leading recruitment platform – Lockin China. We are dedicated to uniting the career center of global universities and thousands of Chinese employers to provide career help to Chinese over- seas students as well as other international students and alumni who are willing to seek opportunities in China.

www.lockinchina.com is China's largest global career development platform for young professionals, dedicated to solve employment problems in China for overseas students, returnees and foreigners by providing them with assistance in career and life development in China. As of early 2018, Lockin China has more than 40,000 registered companies, providing more than 200,000 job opportunities. In the past three years, Lockin have successfully helped over 800,000 global young talents from close to 1,300 Universities to start their career in China job market.